Benefits of the roomba serie 600

Roomba is the series of the self-directed robotic vacuum cleaners which is sold by the iRobot and it has the amazing features to clean your house. One of the main features of the roomba, it is has set of basic sensors which is helpful to perform the tasks. It has the ability to change the direction to identify the obstacles and it is also find the dirty spots at the floor. It is also having ability to sense the sharp drops which is helpful to keep it safe while falling in the stairs. It is has the two autonomous operating wheels and these wheels are allowing the 360 degree in place. It is power-driven by the removable NiMH battery that might be suitable for wall power adapter. But in the roomba serie 600 having the self charging option so once the cleaning process is end then it could charge itself via the infrared beacons.


Roomba serie 600 has the internal acoustic dirt sensors which is really helpful to the vacuum to find the dirt on the floor. It has the following features like

  • Detect obstacles
  • Improved mechanical components
  • Dock button
  • Infrared sensor
  • Modular design
  • Decorative face plates

So above are the features of the roomba vacuum and it is really helpful to the people to make your home clean. It has also some decorative things so it is not only clean your room but also it makes some decoration at your home and people can buy this with the affordable price.