The Best iPhone Photography Tips

The best camera anyone can own is the one that they carry with them all the time. Because of that, it is essential to understand the best iPhone photography tips to make the most of captured images. Even though there is a lens limitation on the iPhone, the continuous accessibility of a camera provides the best tool for capturing photos to share with family and friends.

Stabilizing the Image

The iPhone will perform most of the work of capturing the image. However, it is up to the photographer to stabilize the camera is much as possible. This is accomplished by using the left hand to firmly hold the iPhone in place, and stabilize it with the right hand, with the right thumb used to release the shutter on the touch screen. It is important to note that the camera shutter will not release until the photographer removes their thumb from the shutter button.

iPhone photo

Gently release the button to minimize the potential of destabilizing the camera. Adding stability can make a huge difference, especially when photographing indoors using mixed or low light conditions. Consider using the volume + button instead of the on screen shutter button. It performs the same task and might reduce camera shake.

Avoid the Digital Zoom

The digital zoom feature activates the focus when tapping the screen. It also adjusts the white balance and exposure. While this feature works well for a reference shot, or when capturing text, it is not the perfect solution for fine photography. It is better to shoot images using the widest lens angle of view.

In addition, a wide-angle helps keep the iPhone camera steady. This is because zooming in tends to decrease the image sharpness that is often the result of minimal camera shaking. As wonderful as the iPhone is, the current generation will never be good for high-speed action shots using digital zoom.

Soft Light Exposure

One of the most important iPhone photography tips is to use soft light when shooting portraits. In fact, the iPhone is a phenomenal camera for portrait shots. Streaming light, like the setting sun penetrating through a window, will create a beautiful natural look. Consider taking multiple shots while coming in close. Carry on a conversation with the subject while composing the shot. Work to get his or her expression just right, no matter how many captured images it requires.

Abstract Shots

The best iPhone photography tips would not be complete without advice on how to take abstract shots. Many photographers miss taking creative shots because they did not have a quality camera in their possession when the subject matter presented itself. However, the iPhone camera is always available when exploring new locations.

A creative photographer can use their iPhone to seek out reflections, shadows and images captured from unconventional perspectives. Abstract images are available everywhere to photograph when simply walking down the street.

There is no wrong way to capture an image on an iPhone. Understanding its built-in camera functions can begin the journey of taking better photographs without the need of an expensive DSLR camera.